How Do I Stay Safe Out There?

Can I Safely Socialize?

The virus hasn’t changed and person-to-person spread is still the primary way the virus is transmitted. The safest way to socialize is virtually, through audio/video conferencing. If you decide to socialize in-person, it’s safest to do so outdoors while observing social distancing of 6 feet between others, wearing face coverings, and taking care to wash or disinfect hands.

It can be challenging for friends and family  to agree upon proper precautions. Some recommendations include:

  • Get informed about how to prevent spreading the virus.
  • Get clear on your boundaries and communicate them to friends and loved ones.
  • Ask friends and loved ones about their boundaries.
  • It’s okay to say ‘no.’
  • Understand and be sympathetic to emotions and high stress during the pandemic, both yours and others.
  • Reevaluate your boundaries when new information comes in.

511 Epidemiologists have answered a survey about when they expect to  resume social activities  like attending a small dinner party, sending children on playdates, or visiting an elderly friend or relative.

Sources: NYT ; WaPo ; CNBC

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