How Do I Get What I Need?

What’s the Advice On Grocery Shopping?

When grocery shopping, wear a face mask and practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet (2 meters) between yourself and others. Although official guidelines recommend 6 feet, new research suggests it may be safest to maintain a distance of 12 feet in indoor spaces whenever possible.

While public health experts point out that there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted through food, it may be possible to become infected after handling foods that someone with the virus touched.

Wherever you buy your groceries, wipe down food containers.

Wash produce with running water only. Never use soap, sanitizers or bleach solutions to wash produce. Fruits and vegetables are porous. Detergents and bleach that are not meant to be consumed can make you sick.

Keep your hands, countertops, and other surfaces clean.

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