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How Do I Get What I Need?

What’s the Advice On Grocery Shopping?

Only go shopping for essentials and practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet (2 meters) between yourself and others.


Should I Be Ordering Home Deliveries?

It is considered safest to do your shopping online as it minimizes person-to-person contact.

Be aware that popular online retailers like are experiencing short term shipping delays.


Can I Order From Restaurants?

Ordering cooked meals from restaurants should be relatively low risk. The risk arises from someone handling your food after it’s been prepared.


Prescriptions & Non-Urgent Medical Care?

Pharmacies and health care practices are considered essential services and are still open. Call your doctor or pharmacy to find out about changes in hours or operations.


What About Bills & Utilities?

Utilities like water, heat, electricity, and internet are considered essential services and will remain operational during the crisis.

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